Thanks to everyone who has contacted me! I have been overwhelmed with all the positive responses to my music mixes and all the music I continue to receive daily! I wish there were a way I could mix the music you send me. Maybe working together we'll discover a solution.
I hope to hear from some of you soon!
Thank you!
CONDITIONS APPLY (Draft 2 - not finalised 29 September 2021): ©2021 DeluxevMannie Productions DJ mixes, including copyright audio works are under licence via APRA AMCOS Australia. Not all DJ Deluxe mixes are covered under this licence agreement. DeluxevMannie Productions that are covered by copyright licence will be available to purchase for download at a time chosen and promoted by DeluxevMannie Productions. The cost per download covers production costs of one HD lossless AIFF/FLAC (16/24-bit, 44.1/96 kHz) music file or uncompressed PCM digital format, featuring the purchased mix, a front cover, and a track list. DeluxevMannie Productions reserves the right to cancel any sale not exclusively limited to the terms of the copyright agreement but must if any legally defined licence condition to cease is met within the period of the copyright licence agreement. 
Details about sale procedures will become available at least 14 days before the start of the licensing agreement. Therefore, sales or reselling of any DeluxevMannie Production DJ mixes is considered a breach of the DeluxevMannie Productions copyright agreement if sold outside the conditions set forth in the copyright licence agreement undertaken by DeluxevMannie Productions.  
The copyright licence agreed upon by DeluxevMannie Productions limits sales to downloaded DJ mix files that fall within the conditions set out in the copyright licence and do not include add-ons classified as merchandise such as, but not limited to, CDs, Vinyl Records or Cassette Tapes included as a gift and part of a sale promotion.
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