Coming Soon:
​​​​​​​Mix Re-Collection Episode 22 (Releases Jan 15, 2021)
More classic Mix Re-Collection episodes releasing monthly due to Covid-19 restrictions being lifted in Deluxe's residential area and therefore the amount of free time to work on remastering classic mixes and working on new productions will decrease allowing for only one release a month. Therefore, a new mix release every 10-12 days will no longer be feasible with life returning to normal and Deluxe's other professional full-time job returning to a normal timetable.
Mixcloud Select Exclusive Mix Re-Collection Episode 6B - Podcast demo show mix (still a work in progress).
​​​​​​​Special exciting NEW mixes!
Deluxe 2002 R&B Mix Anniversary (Late 2021)
#Life'sAMix, just breathe! - DJ Deluxe
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